Welcome to this space dear one, may you find what you need here......

My name is Sarah, and I am happy you found your way here. I have been on my own healing journey for the past 7 years and it's still continuing, you see healing never truly stops, it's a lifelong journey with no end destination. My own inner healing has consisted of Energy work, Breath work, Reiki, Life coaching, Somatic release, Plant Medicine and Kambo. Healing to me is about turning our gaze inward, looking at our own inner landscape, being curious about what we find and journeying deeper into who we truly are. Healing is about curiosity, surrender, working with our inner child, understanding our stories, our beliefs, our wounds and our pain and allowing ourselves to transform all of it back into light. It's about returning back to ourselves, back to our heart time and time again.

We are not broken, we are whole, we have just forgotten through our many different life experiences and trauma who we really are. We are LOVE, we are WHOLE, we are WORTHY. Healing is about remembering our wholeness, recognizing that we are fully human, but also fully divine. This soul journey can sometimes feel overwhelming and at times we need to learn to stop, breathe and return to our center, back to our heart. Complete wellness means connecting all the parts of you, that make you human. Those four parts are the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional body, when we understand that all of these parts need to be acknowledged, united and then integrated. This is a process of deep alchemy and will bring you back to your divine wholeness.

I will not heal you, only you can heal yourself, because we ARE our own HEALERS.

My offering to you is a safe, nurturing space where I offer you my knowledge, wisdom, experience, light and energy, so you can show up and be held as you return home to your divine higher self.

This is your safe space to turn your gaze inward. 

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you - all of the expectations, all the beliefs, all the stories and becoming who you really are. 

"Discover your own inner landscape"