• a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling. "She seemed to be a living embodiment of vitality"

em·bod·i·ment is where the soul integrates and merges within the expression of the physical vehicle, the body.

 em·bod·i·ment is becoming consciously aware of our own humanness, where we came from, what we have experienced, where we are now and being open enough to meet ourselves there and work with the body to clear out and heal.

It's about tending to the darkness within, retrieving the fragments of ourselves that fractured out, bringing them back home, into the light, to love and heal them embodying fully back into the light and into our body.

What is your body communicating to you now?

Where is your pain?

Are you practicing self-care, self-love?

Is your heart open?

Do you feel lost, like you don't belong, are you searching for home?

The process of em·bod·i·ment is allowing ourselves to connect to the most authentic part of ourselves in the moment by allowing the expression of sensations, emotions and feelings that are happening in our body to be there without judgement, denial or shame.

When we allow ourselves to fully embody and honor all of ourselves, we will then be attuned and be fully present with life, we will then feel more grounded, centered and connected in our life and with others.

Our physical body holds the wisdom, the intelligence and the feelings that give us the secret key to unlock our authentic self, peeling away the layers one by one, gaining access to the TRUE self.

em·bod·i·ment is a returning back to the light within.